Students at Thomas Page School are taught and practice their Lifeskills every day. Lifeskills are very important skills that all children and adults need and use in their lives in order to be functional, happy and successful.

Lifeskills and Life Long Guidelines are the backbone for our program at Thomas Page. Students are recognized for using lifeskills at monthly and trimester assemblies and are given Lifeskill awards anytime they are observed using lifeskills during their school day. We try to incorporate lifeskills into all we do at school. Each month, a different Lifeskill is highlighted and students and staff members use this Lifeskill in their day to day situations.

September Friendship & Caring
October Responsibility
November Cooperation
December Organization
January Personal Best
February Patience
March Initiative
April Problem Solving
May Perseverance
June Curiosity

Please click here for a complete list of the Lifeskills and their meanings