Our Academy

Our Academy

The Thomas Page Academy Community supports the intellectual, physical and emotional development of our students. We will challenge ourselves to be a quality school that positively impacts student learning through changes and improvements in our educational design and delivery of services. Our school community believes in the potential of every student. We believe our unified effort will enable all students to learn and achieve in a manner that will prepare them to become caring and successful citizens of the 21st century.

A Campus On The Rolling Hills

Thomas Page School is located in the rolling hills of Cotati, in the midst of a rural setting of small farms. The grounds are filled with lush greenery. The campus is removed from the activity of the downtown area and accordingly, there is very little crime on the campus. The school was built in 1969 and named after Dr. Thomas Stokes Page. Dr. Page settled in Cotati in the 1840's to serve the District Of Sonoma as sheriff. In 1847, the land grant of approximately 200,000 acres was received by Dr. Page and named Rancho Cotate. The name Cotate was chosen by Dr. Page after the chief "Kotate", a Miwok Indian whose tribe first greeted the Spanish settlers a decade earlier. Thomas Page School is located just off Madrone Avenue on 10- acres of the original land grant belonging to Dr. Page.

The school is comprised of three quads, 12 re-locatable classrooms, an office facility, a multi-use room, libraryand computer lab.

Humble Beginnings

Students met in various locations until 1922, when the Cotati School (now the Cotati City Hall) was built. Until 1948, this school served as an elementary and junior high school. At that time, the junior high students began to attend school in Petaluma because the classrooms were needed for elementary students. In 1958, the Cotati School on East School Street was constructed.

Academy Information

School District: Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District
CDS Code: 49738826060669
Principal: Lynzie Brodhun
Vice Principal: Catherine Woods
Grades: K-8
Students Enrolled: 450

Contact Us

Thomas Page Academy
1075 Madrone Ave.
Cotati, CA

Attendance Line: 707-285-0506 call any time, day or night.
Office Line: 707-792-4860

Office Manager: Dia Jenkins
Office Assistant/Attendance: Tiffany Fogg  

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