School Supply List


The following items are an optional purchase, but any contribution you make enhances the total educational program and will be greatly appreciated. If you are unclear about any items on the supply list, please wait until you talk to your child"s teacher.

Kindergarten Individual .1 backpack, labeled with name For the Classroom .1 box of Kleenex .2 boxes water-based markers .1 bottle of Elmer"s Glue . Glue sticks . Pink Pearl Erasers ream of white Xerox paper 1st Grade Individual .Backpack, labeled with name .Number 2 pencils .1 glue stick .1 box of Crayola crayons - 16 count .1 pair of safety scissors .1 pink pearl eraser - the 'cute' ones usually do not erase very well. No pens, felt markers, binders or spiral notebooks please. Shared Items if possible: .Glue Sticks .'Kleenex' .Rolls of paper towels ream of white Xerox paper 2nd Grade Individual .Backpack, labeled with name .1 small covered pencil sharpener .Addition and Subtraction flash cards for use at home. .Small covered pencil box .Low odor white board pens .Sturdy scissors .Glue Stick .Healthy snack every day for morning break Shared Items if possible: .Paper Towels .Kleenex .Scotch Tape .Film ream of white Xerox paper

3rd Grade

  • .Backpack, labeled with name
  • .#2 pencils
  • .Pencil Pouch for Binder
  • .Erasers
  • .Large Glue Stick
  • .Crayons
  • .Sharpie Scissors
  • .Bottle of Elmer"s glue
  • .1-1/2' - 2' Binder
  • .Colored pencils
  • ream of white Xerox paper

    Teacher Wish List

  • .Paper Towels
  • .Kleenex
  • .Board Games
  • .Water Color Paints
  • .Black Sharpie Pens
  • .Books for Class Library
  • ream of white Xerox paper

    4th Grade

  • .3 Ring Binder, 1 inch size
    Four pocket style dividers
    Pencil pouch
  • .Small pencil box that will hold:
  • .at least three #2 pencils with erasers
  • .small pack of markers
  • .One highlighter
  • .small scissors (Fiskars)
  • .One glue stick
  • .6' or 12' rulers with inches and centimeters
  • ream of white Xerox paper

    These items need to remain at school all year. Please leave large art kits at home. Please have all of the same supplies available at home as well as a good study corner for doing your homework.

    5th Grade

  • .3-Ring binder with 7 tabs OR a 7-section
    accordion file organizer (Choose a 3-ring
    binder that is not too heavy; accordion
    file organizers tend to be light-weight.)
  • .Pencils
  • .2 ball-point pens (red & black or blue)
  • .Pencil sharpener with a closed container for
  • .Elmer"s glue (not 'Elmer's School glue' -
    too runny)
  • .Gluestick
  • ream of white Xerox paper

    Donations of Kleenex, markers and colored pencils for the classroom are appreciated.

    Grades 6-8


    Pencil pouch for binder
    Pocket folders 5 unlabeled dividers for binder
    Sharpie Pens - black fine point composition books (black cover)
    Gluesticks (6 +) several red, blue or black pens
    Facial tissue pencils
    Paper towels erasers
    Highlighter Pens Crayola Colored Pencils
    EXPO Dry Erase Markers 1 2 -pocket folder in binder
    (low odor) for homework
    binder paper Crayola Classic Markers
    ream of white Xerox paper